Caring for your concrete

Week 1: After your concrete is installed, keep children, pets and anything heavy off the surface.  You can walk on your freshly poured concrete after 24 hours. 

Curing: After approximately 10 days your concrete will have cured enough to drive your vehicles on.  During colder weather (below 50 degrees) a two week period should be given before driving on.


  • A good acrylic, solvent concrete sealer should be applied the first two Autumns as concrete is most susceptible to winter salt damage in the first two years.
  • To keep your concrete looking new, regular cleaning and sealing each year is recommended.  
  • For Stamped concrete, it is recommended that you seal yearly with a quality "high gloss" sealer for color enhancement.  This will help protect and maintain its crisp and shiny look.
  • Do not use any type of salt or chemical de-icers on your concrete.  The effects can cause pitting and erosion.


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