Our Warranty Covers

  • 1 Year: Anything bigger than a hairline crack (wide enough to place a penny in edgewise) Sections will be cut at the nearest control joint and removed and replaced. It is MN, and we have harsh freeze and thaw cycles. Due to that fact, hairline cracks can occur. It's nothing we can prevent.
  • 5 Year: Heaving of concrete to adjacent pads, more than 1/4" in elevation. Sections will be cut at the nearest control joint and will be removed and replaced.
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This picture shows the scene of a construction site. In the foreground a hand wearing work gloves is carrying a bucket. In the background a cement truck is visible. Cement is flowing from the truck into the bucket.

Our Warranty Does Not Cover

  • Damage to garage slabs caused by street salt
  • Damage caused by severe heaving of the ground
  • Structural cracks that re-form in the same location after warranty replacement
  • Physical damage to concrete-like ice chippers, snowblowers, construction equipment, etc
  • Any concrete that is treated with salts or chemical de-icers
  • Discoloration of concrete
  • .Rock pops

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